The way people use nicotine and other narcotics has changed dramatically due to vaping which offers a variety of flavours and a possibly less dangerous substitute for traditional smoking. But one of the most frequent problems seen by vapers is the bad taste of burned hits. This unpleasant flavour can arise from a number of sources that might be spoil the vaping experience. We will look over the causes of burnt vape hits in this extensive article along with a number of fixes to assist you in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

Understanding the Causes of Burnt Vape Hits

Prior to exploring the fixes, it is critical to comprehend the typical reasons why vape hits burn. Finding the source of the issue will help you solve it and stop it from happening again. Some of the primary reasons for burnt hits include:

• Improperly Primed Coils:

When installing a new coil in your device, failing to properly prime it can result in a burnt taste. Inadequate saturation of the wicking material with e-liquid can lead to the wick burning when you take a hit.

• High Wattage:

Vaping at wattages that exceed the recommended range for your coil can cause the e-liquid to vaporize too quickly and leading to a burnt flavour.

• Low E-Liquid Level:

Running your tank or pod system on low e-liquids can result in dry hits, where the wick is not adequately saturated, leading to a burnt taste.

• Coil Buildup:

Residue from e-liquids can accumulate on the coils and wicking material over time, diminishing flavour quality and potentially causing burnt hits.

• Low-Quality E-Liquids:

Lower-quality e-liquids may contain impurities or sweeteners that can gunk up your coils more quickly, resulting in a burnt taste.

Solutions to Prevent Burnt Vape Hits

Now that we know what frequently causes burnt vape hits, let's look at some ways to fix each of these problems and make vaping more pleasurable.

• Priming Your Coils:

Properly priming your coils is essential to prevent burnt hits. Before utilising a newly installed coil, make sure the wicking material is completely saturated with e-liquid. This procedure helps keep the e-liquid from burning when you take a hit by allowing the wick to absorb it.

• Wattage Adjustment:

If your device is making you feel more tired, try lowering the wattage and see if that enhances the flavour. To keep the wick from burning, make sure the wattage is within the coil's suggested range.

• Monitoring Your E-Liquid Level:

Be sure to replenish your pod or tank before it gets dangerously low. Maintaining an adequate e-liquid level ensures that the wick remains saturated and prevents the occurrence of dry hits and burnt flavour.

• Regular Device Cleaning:

To prevent coil buildup and maintain flavour quality, it is important to clean your device regularly. This includes cleaning the coils and tank or pod according to the manufacturer's recommendations to prevent residue buildup and burnt hits.

• Using High-Quality E-Liquids:

For a better, cleaner vaping experience, choose e-liquids that are of a higher calibre from reliable producers. Higher-quality e-liquids are less likely to include sweeteners or contaminants that might cause burnt hits and coil buildup.


In conclusion, burnt vape hits can be a frustrating issue for vapers but by understanding the causes and implementing the solutions outlined in this guide, you can effectively troubleshoot and fix this problem. You may prevent the bad taste of burned hits and have a more enjoyable vaping experience by priming your coils, changing your wattage and checking your e-liquid level etc. Always keep in mind that having a delicious and pleasurable vaping experience only requires a little upkeep and attention to detail.

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