Vape coil:

The component of a vaping device that heats the e-liquid and converts it into vapours is known as vape coil. Technically speaking a vape coil is the wire coiled in a spiral shape around e-cigarette absorbing material. It resides inside the e-liquid tank, whether it’s a cartridge, pod or a 510 tank.

We will discuss tanks later, however lets dive into how the vape coil works.

Working of Vape Coil:

The coils that are used in the vape pens and other devices contain absorbing material, which is usually made from cotton. This material absorbs the e-lqiuid present in the tank.

When the vaporizer is turned on, the battery heats the wire in the coil. The coil then vaporizes the liquid in the wick. This vapour then travels up from the device’s chimney and is inhaled by the user through the mouth (MTL) or directly into the lungs (DTL).

The two vaping techniques already discussed in our vaping guide for the beginners. It's important to remember that unlike other components of a vaping device, coils need to be replaced periodically depending on type and use. 

Types of Vape Coils

Vape coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the vape device, however the three primary kinds are:

  1. Cartridges with In-Built Coils
  2. Removable Coils
  3. Custom-Built Coils

Cartridges with in-built coils:

This is unquestionably the best coil type for beginners. Only e-liquid cartridges for vape pod devices include in-built coils. Because coils cannot be removed from cartridges, when the coil wears out, the complete cartridge is destroyed and replaced.

Removable coils:

 The majority of coils in vape devices are referred to as "removable coils." It simply means that the coil component may be removed and detached from the tank, implying that just the coil has to be changed when it wears out. Unfortunately, this has no cost-saving advantages over cartridges with built-in coils, but it does allow additional coils to be compatible with your device, giving you more options for coil heating power.

Custom-built coils:

 The third form of coil, designed for expert vapers, is merely a wire that has been manually coiled into a coil. These custom-built coils need the use of a highly specific tank in order to be attached to the device, not to mention the employment of specialised equipment to twist the wire into the coil.

Selection of the right coil:

Vape coils are only compatible with the device for which they were built. When a device supports many coils, things get a bit more difficult, and here is where coil 'power' comes into play.


It's critical to understand that all coils have varied degrees of heating power, which determines what temperatures they can achieve. The thicker the liquid (higher the VG), the higher the coil temperature must be to vaporise it. The important facts you should know about the coils are:

  • The 'power' of a coil is always measured by its' resistance' value.
  • Coils with lower resistance may attain greater temperatures.
  • Lower resistance coils may vaporise greater VG (thicker e-liquids) e-liquids.

Note: Resistance is measured in Ω (ohms)

 As a novice, all you need to understand is that e-liquids with high VG ratios (over 70VG) require a device with a coil resistance of less than 1 (1 ohm). This is known as 'sub-ohm' vaping.

However, we recommend 50VG/50PG liquids for beginners, which will work with the Caliburn starter device.

Coil Life & Replacement:

It is very important that you change your vape coil as it runs out. The length of time they endure is ultimately determined by your usage. To give you an idea, cartridges with built-in coils can last many weeks, whereas replaceable coils typically last a week.

The type of e-liquid used might also have an impact on coil life. Most notably, e-liquids with greater VG ratios can shorten the life of a coil.

If you get a 'burnt' taste when vaping, it's a sure indicator that your coil is worn out. However, when you become more familiar with your device, you will simply anticipate this via experience.

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