A connection among cigarettes and Covid-19 was first generated because of the percentage of men being more affected than women as stated by Dr. Farsalinos.

Corona virus not only changed our lives forever but also changed the way we see this world. We learnt to live secluded life, turn to online milieu, realized the importance of hygiene in our life, not to mention the boredom and panic it brought. The life after corona is not going to be the same as before.

For Vapors, however this pandemic was more distressing then for anybody. Previously they were bombarded with the fake news of “havoc” it can bring into life including the alleged use of formaldehyde in e-liquid and the “increase” of lung cancer cases among vape users. The list goes on as anti-vaping propagandists always tried to undermine the potential and revolution it can bring into the life of people. The scaremongering were steadfastly not only rejected but replied always with authentic and verified scientific principles and methods.

The corona virus have opened the gates for unprecedented inundation of fake news about vaping being the cause of spread of the virus or the people using these devices more vulnerable to the virus. The basis of these fake news are always said to be some new research and those too mostly from united states which reveal the “horrible” consequences of vaping in this pandemic. If you dig in and study the so called research and the people who researched it, it will become as clear as the day about the authenticity and real purpose of the study; create a headline about the devastating effect of vaping and to create a panic among users

The junk science about vaping was there but we really did not care as it was an old tool and the people were now more mature and well-known about it, so this tactic would not have worked however, now due to the pandemic some new fake news have emerged and it is important to let you all know about the corona virus and how it affect your vaping life. So lets jump in

A connection among cigarettes and Covid-19 was first generated because of the percentage of men being more affected than women as stated by Dr. Farsalinos. The research was however then research from Chinese laboratories shown some uncertain patterns between them and anything can not be presented as a fact that smoking increases the risk of the virus.

Vaping itself is not the cause of spreading the virus or increase the risk of the infection, but some very important precautionary measures are indispensable for you and your family to be healthy and virus free we shall discuss them one by one to let you be aware of the dangers and how to deal with them

  1. Personal hygiene and precaution is the most important as if you got the virus and brought it home, every one in the house are likely to catch the virus ( even the pets) so always wash your hands on entering the house, keep a sanitizer in your pocket when you go out and keep your clothes and other garments clean too as virus can live on surfaces for days.
  2. In these times as it is advisable to not go out of the house too often; we advise you to stay home. The vape devices and e-liquids will be delivered not only efficiently but touch free delivery right at your door step. You should avoid using the vape on public spaces too as the cloud may not be the cause of the spread but it will raise suspicious among the those who don’t know much about it plus its good for your own safety as well
  3. Always follow the covid-19 sop protocol as it guarantee the safety of you and the people you love around you. Avoid touching your face, nose , eyes. Keep the social distancing when you go out and avoid unnecessary contact with the people and stay atleast 2m distance at a public place.
  4. Cleanse your kits with the sanitizer often and use anti-bacterial wipes to clean the drip tip and overall body of the vape as it will be in your mouth when you use it. Cleaning the kits with hot water and with anti bacterial fluid after 2,3 days of use might be a great idea to be on the safer side.
  5. Cleaning vape not only reduces the risk of the virus but also gives you a pleasant experience of vape and increase the performance of the device plus the vape thoroughly cleaned and taken care of last longer than the other ,preserves the flavor of e-liquid, forms denser cloud.
  6. Try to avoid vaping around the family members and other people during this time and switch to low cloud forming vapes and flavors for a while because its more important to stay healthy and prevent your family from the deadly disease.
  7. The quarantine may lead to undesirable behavior and increase in stress, anxiety and higher nicotine cravings it is however advised that you should stick to your routine and do not over-smoke in these times as it can create unhealthy patterns in your life. the goal can be achieved to place the vape at a far away place where you alone can go and smoke.
  8. Most important of all take good care of your health, healthy diet, good sleep and a positive lifestyle can help you be healthier and more fulfilled in these hard times.


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