Experts agree vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking but it is still not safe. According to research disposable vapes are 95% less harmful than smoking. However vaping has less chemicals than cigarettes.

Vaping is an effective tool of saying goodbye to cigarettes, because it offers E-liquids that comes in different nicotine strength. By this, one can control the level of nicotine that meet their cravings and low moods. This level of nicotine can be high and effective if you purchase it from not reputable brand. Nicotine serves as medicine to help people cure with cigarettes.

Vaping harms health less than smoking but if one intake high nicotine, there will be side effects of vaping including increased heart rate and blood pressure. High nicotine can harm to lungs and heart. The level of nicotine must be in control.

As vaping is not completely harmless, it is not recommended to non-smokers or young people.

Are disposable vapes safer than smoking?

Disposable vapes are safer than smoking as long as it is correctly used. Countless studies shows that chemicals (e.g tar, carbon monoxide) present in cigarettes are higher than vapes, which makes smoking more harmful to human health than vaping. Ultimately disposable vapes are the way safer than cigarettes. Vaping also contains harmful chemicals but at much lower level.

Vaping is safer than smoking for some reasons:

  • Harmful toxins that are present in smoke are absent from vapors. If toxins are lower in smoke, there are chances of lower health risks.
  • When smokers switch to vaping, level of toxin measured in the body are significantly lowers. And after 15 years of vaping nicotine no death or serious health issue has been recorded.
  • Improvements have been measured in smoker health who moves to vaping. Like, blood pressure drops, risks of hurt and lung, cancer reduces.

Benefits of vaping over smoking:

There are various benefits of vaping over smoking. Like,

  • Vaping offers experience similar to smoking cigarette with the levels of nicotine which is beneficial to people wanting to give up cigarettes, which helps in lower health risks. Cigarettes contains chemicals harmful to health, results in greater risks of health.
  • Vape has much more flavours than tobacco helps in making experience better for vapers.
  • Another benefit of vaping is that you can use you vape in places where you are not allowed to smoke, because in some places there is ban on cigarettes and there you can vape in indoors also.
  • Also, second-hand vaper in not considered danger to others.
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