Vape Batteries are one of the essential part of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. The power required to heat the e liquid for creating vapours is provided by the batteries of the vape devices We are going to discuss about the vape batteries in this article in detail so that you can know about the vape batteries and how to use them correctly in the vape device.

Types of Vape Batteries:

There are two types of vape batteries:

  • In built batteries
  • Removable batteries

In Built Batteries:

Like smartphones, all vaping devices have built in batteries. The unit used for measuring the capacity of a battery is mAh(milliamp-hours). The more the mAh value, higher is the power the battery can offer, or the longer it will survive if a high power output is not required.

Removable Batteries:

The most popular detachable batteries are 18650. They are compatible with almost all the vape equipment. The 18650 batteries are made with lithium-ion and have high capacity. The capacity range of 18650 batteries is between 2000 to 3000 mAh.

Note that, most of the time the price of the batteries is not included in the vape kit price because the vape batteries are sold separately.

How to charge vape batteries:

Vape gadgets often enable charging through a micro USB connection or a USB Type C wire. Because you won't be able to remove an in-built vape battery, you'll have to charge it by connecting it straight into a power source. With replaceable vape batteries, you may charge the battery independently using an external charger.

This allows you to circulate batteries rather of needing to wait for the in-built batteries to charge before using them. Alternatively, most vape batteries may be charged while still within the vape device using the included charging cord, exactly like an in-built battery.

The vape device itself, whether built-in or detachable, may allow you to use the vape while charging. This is known as 'pass-through charging,' and it is usually stated on the box of the vape kit or in the manual.

How long vape batteries last?

The amount of time a battery lasts is calculated by the mAh of the battery and the wattage of the vape device. The in-built batteries will mostly last between 12 and 24 hours approximately.

The amount of time a replaceable 18650 battery lasts is heavily dependent on the power output choices you have made on your vape device. For example, with a vape power output of 30w, we would anticipate that your battery will last all day. We would anticipate your battery to last no more than 3-6 hours with a vape power output of 100w, depending on usage intensity.

If you want to vape at greater power levels, we recommend getting a vape device with a detachable battery, which allows you to replace depleted batteries with freshly charged vape batteries whenever you want.

Battery Safety:

  • Always use the correct type of battery recommended for your device.
  • Use high-quality, reputable battery brands from trusted manufacturers.
  • Inspect batteries regularly for damage, like torn wraps or dents, and replace them if necessary.
  • Store batteries in a safe and protective case, away from metal objects or conductive materials to prevent short-circuiting.
  • Keep batteries away from extreme heat or cold.
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