It is the best alternative to conventional smoking and acted as a life saver for those who wanted to quit the unhealthy habit of smoking.

Nicotine salts are a new development in the vaping industry which allow you to experience a smooth and powerful nicotine punch without being harsh on the throat as a regular cigarette.

It is the best alternative to conventional smoking and acted as a life saver for those who wanted to quit the unhealthy habit of smoking. The nicotine salt provide many pros when compared to cigarettes; one of the biggest advantage is the use of pure form of nicotine which without harmful chemicals and harshness of the cigarette present naturally in the tobacco leaves. The other great upside of these are the collection of vast flavors and tastes available in the market to choose from which make it rather healthier and more fun alternative to cigarettes. Let us look at the top nicotine E-liquids people loved in this year all over the UK. The list is prepared by carefully examining the reviews from all parts of the country and sales ratio.

1. Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

Lemon tart by dinner lady is an exotic and juicy mixture of lemon. The buttery pastry with a hint of meringue fill the mouth with bliss of taste on the inhale while the tart juicy lemon compliment the freshness of the juice on the exhale. The flavor is all time favorite of many vapors and a most loved juice for the newbies.

2. Pukka Juice Lime Lemonade Salt Nicotine

Lime lemonade salt nicotine is a refreshing citrus flavor with the cool refreshing sensation at the exhale. The powerful combination of lime and lemonade adds a bit more excitement in your life. This flavor was most loved by the customers at vapeconnect and been on the bestselling products for a long time.

3. X Series Purple Slush Salt Nicotine

Purple slush is a sugar rich sweet combination of fruits and candy by X series. The raspberries and Parma violet candy produce a refreshing taste. The floral notes blended with sugar candy base produce a unique smell of fruit and candy mixed in a balance proportion. One of the best sellingnic salt at vapeconnect. The sweet tangy taste of this salt with a balanced nicotine strength is what make it a great juice.

4. AisuBlue Raspberry Salt Nicotine

Fourth in this list but number one for many fruit sweet lovers. Blue raspberries salt is zesty combination of juicy bitter-sweet blend of raspberries fruit with candy and the cooling icy aftertaste. The strong taste of fruity raspberries feels like a fruity cocktail with a fresh fruit sensation for the ultimate vaping experience.

5. X Series Frozen Grape Salt Nicotine

A very smooth grape experience which just taste as a grape should taste like. A very satisfying bestselling juice at the vapeconnect. Not much sweet and not much insipid. A Strong fruit flavor with a distinctive cool exhale. A perfect strong grape experience with an icy exhale of menthol.

6. Billionaire Strawberry Bubblegum Salt Nicotine

Billionaire Strawberry Bubblegum Salt is a classic sweet flavor mixed with bubbly smooth touch for the taste buds to experience tender and slick taste of fresh and carefully picked strawberries. The juice is in special demand for summers as it gives the ultimate cool and sensational summer experience.

7. Pukka Juice Dew Salt Nicotine

Dew salt nicotine by pukka juice has a distinctive sour taste with a cooling exhale. The combination of lemon and lime is blended with the sweet candy soda twist. The soft drink lovers made this a must have in their collection making it one of the best and most purchased flavor here at vapeconnect.

8. Pukka Juice Tropical Salt Nicotine

Tropical is the balanced combination of fruits giving it a unique taste of fruity delight. The combination of fruits includes peach, kiwi, watermelon, passion fruit with the cooling sensation of icy exhale making it a perfect salt for the fruit lovers. The abundance of fruits and refreshing taste, this is the bestselling salt all over the UK.

9. Billionaire Tropical Mango Salt Nicotine

This nicotine salt will literally blow your mind away with its heavenly mango taste and strong hit. Billionaire tropical mango salt with its refreshing taste produce an icy cool sensation in your throat which makes it a must try E-liquid. The amazing mango taste and sweet undertones made this flavor in our top10 list.

10. Pukka Juice Summer Fruits Salt Nicotine

Summer fruits is the combination of lime and berries blended in the perfect combination to give a perfect summer vape experience. The richness of its flavor an sour sweet blend is unique and vastly loved among the vapors. The balanced vape on inhaling taste the zesty summer fruits which is completed by the twist of lime upon exhale. Summer fruit is definitely one of the top recommended among the vapors for carefree summer vape.

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